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The vision for Opera is simple: To create a cutting-edge multi-faceted entertainment venue utilizing the latest in technology and providing an above industry standard in service, design, and experience. In other words, taking the lounge/nightclub concept in Washington, DC to a new level of excellence and sophistication. To achieve this goal, a dynamic, experienced and multi-talented group of partners has come together to pool their expertise and contacts, creating Opera Ultra Lounge, an entertainment concept which will shatter the mold of DC nightclubs by offering a full entertainment schedule, including both club-driven DJ bookings and live entertainment from Jazz bands to acoustic performances. And all in the heart of downtown DC.

Opera provides guests with an unrivaled experience, incorporating the latest in custom-fabricated design elements and furniture in a unique venue that will undoubtedly stand the test of time. Additionally, advances in Customer Relations Management technology, currently only featured in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas and Miami, capture all aspects of an Opera guest’s experience and ensures that future visits are tailored precisely to his/her individual tastes and expectations. Topped off with the latest in sound and lighting technology and the result is an environment that stimulates and defies the senses.

Opera is a 21+ establishment, government ID required for entry.

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Michael Meacham, founder ofwhose signature lighting design style allows his clients to express their unique vision, designed the intelligent lighting and video display systems for OperaCnsidered one of the top lighting designers in the country, Meacham returned to his hometown of DC to implement the lighting system for Opera. The shared vision of his design with the managing partners made Opera the perfect project for his return to the DC social scene.



Truly offering a first-time experience for DC is Opera’s sound, designed by Sound Investment & BAHA Design Group, which features the Funktion One sound system, recognized internationally by dance music aficionados as the most premium, sonically correct, emotion evoking systems available in the market today.Partners Alex Haje and M.B.formed BAHA which specializes in design and consultation services, high fidelity sound systems, intelligent lighting, technology, installation and service. BAHA’s projects span nightclub operations from Washington, DC to Sao Paulo, Brazil. BAHA’s stamp on each of these projects has contributed greatly to their success, with a strong focus on hi-fidelity sound design, system efficiency and nightlife operations.



Grand style infused with high bold drama is the only way to describe the design that has gone into making Opera the world-class venue that it is, truly raising the bar in DC to a new level. The designer of Opera is François Frossard, one of the most cutting-edge interior designers in the country. He leads the current new romantic design movement, infusing decadent glamour with whimsy and mystique, pairing contradiction with tradition. François’ signature style can be found in celebrated venues around the world, with his most recent and world-renowned projects including Prive, Opium, Set, and Mansion in South Beach, FL. Francois has confronted each venue with a careful meditation on style, function and originality; a marriage of art and business with a profound understanding of the business’s extremely fickle clientele. François deals with the complexities of building multiple venues in various cities at the same time masterfully, designing showpieces capable of withstanding time.


floor plan

Opera’s floor plan is designed both to indulge guests in a rich and sumptuous décor and cutting-edge interior design, as well as maximize the entertainment and hospitality experience.

Table/bottle service guests will be treated to an open floor plan which allows them unobstructed views of the entire club while seated at their table. Ample room is provided for table guests to truly ‘stretch their legs’ while enjoying the unparalleled privileges and cache of table bottle service through their dedicated cocktail waitress. Guests have the choice of tables right adjacent to the dance floor where they can be in the middle of the action, or opt for a little more privacy at tables forming a concentric half-circle behind the dance floor tables.Guests choosing to drink from the bar will do so from a sumptuous near 40-foot curved bar staffed by Opera’s talented bartenders.

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College Thursdays at Opera

Thursday Jan 31, 2019


Diosa 🦋 | Fridays

Friday, August 18, 2023


I ❤️ #OperaSaturdays

Saturday, August 19, 2023



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ABOUT USOur vision is simple: To create a cutting-edge multi-faceted  venue.